Amended BBBEE Verification Manual

Amended BBBEE Verification Manual

Finally, some 13 months after the release of the amended BEE codes, the much anticipated amended BBBEE Verification Manual has been released by the DTi.

The 93 page document provides verification agencies with the methodology and evidence requirements in conducting a BEE verification on the amended B-BBEE codes of good practice.

B-BBEE Comprehensive Guidelines

Amended BBBEE Verification ManualThe Verification Manual provides comprehensive guidelines on the authentication and substantiation of B-BBEE reporting.

It expands on the minimum norms and standards on the ethical conduct and procedures to be employed in ensuring the verification of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

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Overdue Sector Charter Submissions

East Coast BEE Sector Charters

To date there are a number of Overdue Sector Charter Submissions.

The sector charters had until the 31st of October 2015 to release their amended bee codes of good practice. However, as of the 31st of October only the following sectors have been published for public comment:

• Tourism Sector Charter – 30 August 2015
• Forestry Sector Charter – 27 October 2015
• Property Sector Charter – 30 October 2015
• Draft Marketing, advertising and communication Sector Charter – 4 September 2015

East Coast BEE Sector ChartersThe following sector charters have been proposed and submitted to the DTI but have yet to be published:

• CA Sector Charter
• ICT Sector Charter

Definition of Sector Charters

Sector Charters are the same as Transformation Charters, and are developed by major stakeholders in the relevant industries. They are referred to as Sector Charters for as long as they are gazetted under Section 12 of the Act.

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Empowering Supplier Status Under Old Codes

Empowering Supplier Status East Coast BEE

There has been much confusion regarding the status of “old code BEE certificates” (empowering supplier status under old codes) being recognized when measured entities conduct their audits on the new codes.

In particular what would be the effect on procurement calculation when old code certificates would be included on a new code verification.

Certificates Issued under Old Codes

Empowering Supplier Status East Coast BEEAs per the notification from Mr Rob Davies (Minister of the DTI) all valid BEE certificates issued under the old codes will be deemed to be automatic empowering suppliers.

They will remain valid and should therefore be accepted and treated as conferring empowering supplier status.

The amended code series 400 Gazette No 36928 will be applied, which states that “Exempted Micro Enterprises and Start-Ups are automatically recognised as Empowering Suppliers.

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