Overdue Sector Charter Submissions

To date there are a number of Overdue Sector Charter Submissions.

The sector charters had until the 31st of October 2015 to release their amended bee codes of good practice. However, as of the 31st of October only the following sectors have been published for public comment:

• Tourism Sector Charter – 30 August 2015
• Forestry Sector Charter – 27 October 2015
• Property Sector Charter – 30 October 2015
• Draft Marketing, advertising and communication Sector Charter – 4 September 2015

East Coast BEE Sector ChartersThe following sector charters have been proposed and submitted to the DTI but have yet to be published:

• CA Sector Charter
• ICT Sector Charter

Definition of Sector Charters

Sector Charters are the same as Transformation Charters, and are developed by major stakeholders in the relevant industries. They are referred to as Sector Charters for as long as they are gazetted under Section 12 of the Act.

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